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3D Pen- A magical tool for creation of imagination in reality

lix-pen3D Pen- A magical tool for creation of imagination in reality


Writing in the air is possible now. A small pen is capable enough to work like 3D printers.

This magical tool is a LIX 3D Pen. This is actually advance version of 3Dooler pen. It’s sleeker and finer than the 3Doodler.  This allows user to create complex design in mid-air, it is only slightly bigger than a normal pen. It also seems to produce a much smoother line.  It’s powered by USB port and this is a best innovation for architects and designers, for prototyping and sketching, arts and crafts, even for customizing our clothing too.

Colored plastic is used to create rigid, free standing structure. The hot-end nozzle melts the drawing material and cools it down as it draws out.

First charge this pen with USB plug in. It will take less than 1 minute. After reaching at the right temperature you can make your imagination a reality.



ABS Filament: –

Greater strength, flexibility, malleability & higher temperature resistance. It has hot plastic smell because of petroleum based plastic. Refill starts melting at 356 °F & works at 446°F

PLA Filament: –

This is available in wide range of colors and glossy translucency. Has less strength & flexibility than ABS Filament & sensitive to moisture. Refill starts melting at 320 °F & works at 356°F



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