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A jacket that takes a photo every 30 seconds


You miss a candid photo opportunity as you fumble around in your packets to find your iPhone. Well, actually menswear brand Ada + Nik thinks the same too.

A jacket has just been launched by the fashion company along with a camera sheared on to the pocket, which captures a picture twice a minute from the wearer’s side.

Unlike the Google Glass, which required the user to say “ok glass, take a picture” to start up the camera feature, this Narrative Clip camera takes 2 photos per minute with its 8 megapixel camera.

It stores up to 8000 photos, which can be synced then to an associated smartphone application. The user can then scroll through the app to view the photos and select which has to be shared over the social media.

People with a good eye for style will be happy to note that, in spite of its tech USP, the camera is entirely optional and the fitted biker jacket is surprisingly wearable, one can unclip the camera from the leather strap and pop it into pocket when we want to go incognito.

The Bond-worthy tech is quite expensive sadly. One can pay £800 for getting the privilege of supreme pictures.

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