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A robotic chef invented that can slice, stir, beat and make a mean crab bisque


A firm in London had unveiled world’s most sophisticated robotic chef.

Moley Robotics has developed the “robochef” that can stir, chop, baste and whisk to make standard –professional recipes.

The contrivance applies motion capture technology to experience and learn from chefs’ movements, but so far it can make just one dish that is crab bisque.

The 2011 Master chef champion Tim Anderson, trained has trained it, and says that the dish is delivered out without a glitch every single time and the potential for more such dishes is unlimited.

“The dish is excellent, it’s extremely consistent and it the sign of a great chef – anyone can cook a nice dish of food once, but to do it repeatedly takes skill”, said the chef of the Japanese pop-up restaurant Nanban.

“One thing it doesn’t have is senses, it can’t taste the food it makes or any adjustments on the intuitions, but it doesn’t need to.”

The device made with the aim for home kitchen and Moley is working towards a £10,000 price tag, with sales as early as 2017.

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