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Apple launches iPhone 6s: Fans gather overnight outside stores


Apple launches iPhone 6s: Fans gather and wait overnight outside stores in Regent Street and Covent Garden.

 iPhone 6s fans were in for a long wait at night previous to the launch, and want to be amongst the first ones to grab the iPhone 6s, as they group outer the Apple stores in Covent Garden and Regent Street.

As darkness fell this evening, customers with marquees and foldable seats were seen exterior to both shops.

Meanwhile some were choose not to wait outskirts for the new model, and choose the warmer and drier option, to order the smartphone over the internet, which includes an improved camera and touch screen,

An Australian Apple fanatic seems to have one-upped British punters by directing a robot to line in her place.

According to Mashable Australia, Lucy Kelly used a “telepresence robots” from one of her company’s, for getting to 4th position in the queue as she stayed indoors dry and warm.

Last year at the launch of the iPhone 6 handset, thousands of people were seen packed into lines by 8am outside the Covent Garden branch.

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