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Benefits of PhoneGap



Benefits of PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open source, which uses web technologies, like CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 to expand application for cross-platform. This technology eases the way for raising the hybrid apps. There are lots of benefits of PhoneGap framework, let’s have glimpse over them:


  • Simple to Learn: This platform uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, thus there is no requirement for developers to learn other languages for mobile apps. Only having skill in the web technologies will be enough.
  • Effortless to Install PhoneGap App: Similar to native app, PhoneGap apps supportive for all major platforms.
  • Maintain Plug-in Architecture: It supports a model of plug-in architecture that means developer can use the functionality of the app in a modular way.
  • Promote App is Effortless: With the help of PhoneGap, it is easy to launch and market the application at the app store.
  • Available With Various Libraries: This platform has been integrated with different libraries that eases the extension of application’s functionality and saves development time.



The PhoneGap development tool provides open source capability to the developers to create apps only one time & if you want to create phonegap app more than one time than phoneGap   will charge you a monthly basis. The free may not be a major issue for seasoned app developer however, for those looking for a free option to learn the ropes; PhoneGap can be a bit misleading.



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