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Contest comes to London: To make litre of fuel last longest


For the first time in a battle to build the vehicle that goes the furthest on a single litre of fuel, there is an annual competition that pits students against each other is coming to London.

Including the UK, France and Germany— from 30 countries across Europe, more than 200 teams —will compete next summer in the Shell Eco-marathon at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Started in 1985, highlighting the challenge of energy conservation, the global challenge will forefront a new ‘Make the Future’ festival of technological innovations.

Over four days from the end of June, participants will hone up vehicles created and designed at universities around Europe and trip them around a specifically prepared pathway under the inspection of a board of juries.

The contest will be open to the public for free. Each vehicle must be proficient for carrying a driver and use cutting-edge technology to feat the litre of fuel — or corresponding — to the limit.

In addition to means of engines drawing on internal combustion fuels such as diesel, ethanol and petrol, a separate category will see students bind the power of electric energy through hydrogen fuel cells.

In Rotterdam, at last year’s event, schoolboys from France innovated a vehicle talented of drifting from London to Rome and back — a whole of 2,980 km.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “I am thrilled to welcome the world’s best tech and science innovators to London as they endeavour to make motor vehicles more and more energy efficient — reducing air pollution and saving carbon.”

Already 18 student teams from the UK have applied to take part in next year’s contest, consisting of between four to eight members.

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