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Everything you need to know about Internet of Things (IoT)




With immeasurable companies capitalizing in the Internet of Things, we ask: what correctly is it? And how will it impact our lives? What are the risks? Everything you need to know is here:

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) but questions persist over what is even eligible as an IoT service. Techworld goals to cut through the difficulties to bring you a strong description of what the Internet of Things is, what future impact it may have, and why it’s important.


The simple definition of IoT

The Internet of Things, when put simply, is about linking internet-enabled devices that transmit information back to us, to cloud-based applications and to each other (device to device). These ‘smart’ devices can be anything from fridges, mobile phones, wearables to washing machines, jet engines or medical equipment. Essentially, in the Internet of Things, objects utilize the web and unique identifiers such as processors or RFID tags in order to exist as part of the internet.


But, the Internet of Things, like most things in life, is not simple as it appears.

The standard definition of the IoT gives a comprehensive understanding of the connectedness of IoT devices but fails to properly defining which ‘things’ actually are IoT devices.

He added, “Using these 4 parameters a smartphone turn out to be identifiable as an IoT device, and a number of smartphone apps such as Uber become recognisable as IoT smart services”.

For example, launching the Uber app and booking a taxi sends information about your location and necessary personal details to ‘enable a smart response’.




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