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Exposed: Astounding cost of impostors to targets on online dating sites


Out of more than £33 million last year alone, thousands of victims are conned by Fraudsters using online dating sites.

With a total monetary loss of £33,650,491, police has disclosed that 3,543 folks reported they had been besieged by romance swindles in 2014/15.

The City of London Police and Action Fraud have hurled a 13-day campaign to recognize common myths around cyber-crime and fraud.

One example they said was the certainty that customers of dating websites are evaluated earlier they are permissible to have a membership, when this is “very seldom” the case.

A City of London Police spokeswoman said: “The truth is that maximum dating websites let people sign-up to the website sans inspection checks, which means that cheats are able to use the website to target online people and cheat them.

“It makes it even at ease for the fraudster to manipulate their target, if the person also thinks that they have already been investigated by the dating website and dating fraudsters are often particularly convincing.”

Various cases have emphasized the risk of fraud dating.

Last year in connection with a dating website scam, four men were jailed which targeted the only women looking for love online and saw victims influence over a total of £220,000

Earlier this month a Bentley-driving lonely hearts fraudster was detained for eight years for swindling five women, including an old widow, out of nearly £200,000.

Car salesman Matthew Samuels, 50, of Worcester, was said by a judge to have caused “incalculable” damage to a bereaved victim who handed him money from an inheritance.

He was also imprisoned of tricking the mom of a female he met online with a false promise of a Wimbledon debenture.

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