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Importance of Selenium Testing

Selenium being an open source tool, it is supported by a large pool of volunteers of open source developers. Selenium has developed into one of the most widespread automation testing tools in current days. More and more organizations are approving Selenium over other commercial software testing tools.

Selenium is dominating automation tools these years. The reason, why is it so popular, is the cost. More and more organizations are divorcing commercial and high cost tools like rational, QTP and MS visual suites of tools and cutting cost. Even if the learning curve is little steep, open source is a cost effective solution in the long run.

After going through all the benefits of selenium testingsuit it is distinguished that nowadays Selenium is one of the finest and most preferred automation testing tool for websites. Because of its easy to use APIs and features, Selenium testing suit is becoming the topmost choice for automation testers to test functionality and GUI of web based application. Unit testing for JavaScript can also be done with Selenium tool.

If you are also involved in automation testing or software testing then this tool will sure benefit you to automate your test for web based applications.At ITTrainer, Selenium testing suit (WebDriver, IDE, Grid, RC) will assist you to implement effective automation test with reduced time and cost of your website project.

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