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London student’s parking pleas site saves drivers £2m in four months


An imaginative London student set up a website for parking appeals has saved drivers £2million in the four months since it was launched. 

Joshua Browder, 18, came up with a website that produces a parking charge request automatically. 

DoNotPay.co.uk has been used by 86,000 people ever since the IT student set it up in August. 

Of those, almost 40 per cent said their appeals had been fruitful, meaning drivers have saved £2m based on the average fine of £60. 

Mr Browder, who is from north London but now studies economics and computer science at Stanford University in California, said 51,000 people visited his website from London. 

“I am stunned that the site had such huge impact,” he told the Daily Mail.

“When I started DoNotPay, I supposed that it would help a small minority of family and friends.

“I could never have fantasied that it would help regain millions in parking penalties.

“I am dissatisfied that the councils are aiming the most susceptible in our society. The elderly and the incapacitated are unreasonably receiving unfair tickets.”

Mr Browder set up the site after being hit with about 30 parking fines in and around Camden.

The service permits customers to pick one of 12 reasons to appeal the claim before inflowing the appropriate details and sending a custom-generated plea to the applicable council. 

The website is free to use and permits clients to appeal penalties within one minute, Mr Browder said.

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