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Police issue warning over drones after near-misses at airport


Police have deal out a warning to drone owners ahead of Christmas later as two near-misses with planes at an airport.

Hampshire Police supposed 46 incidents linking drones were noted this year.

They comprised news of a drone coming within a wing’s length of two distinct aircraft touchdown at Southampton International Airport.

Other incidents encompassed drones hitting the roof of a house and causing damage and one being found in people’s gardens.

Pc Andy Sparshott said a drone had also been castoff “during an ongoing neighbour dispute where one person hovered a drone over their neighbour’s garden purposely to cause irritation”.

Mr Sparshott said anyone using a personal drone should be aware of the rules and strategies for their usage and also note that some are envisioned for indoor practise only.

He added: “The main stream of reported incidents we get are drones flying low over houses or close to people in recreation parks.

“Our note is not that drones are dangerous or that we are spoiling someone’s Christmas present enjoyment, but improved awareness by everyone is an essential part to preventing incidents before they happen.

“So if you see a drone being hovered irresponsibly or think its location may be a risk to the public or aviation then please report it to the police on 101, and if you do get one for Christmas please make sure you’re conscious of the regulations and guidance concerning flying them.”

He added: “Breaches of these regulations may result in prosecution. Officers wouldn’t look to criminalise innocent misuse, as education or other out-of-court disposals may be more appropriate, but the risk to safety may have been reckless and prosecution could prove necessary.”

The Civil Aviation Authority regulates drone safety through its regulations in the Air Navigation Order 2009.

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