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Software Testing Crash Courses

Software systems are becoming more interesting now a day. Software, it is very important to focus on quality of product. Any software or website should possess quality attributes such as User Friendly, Efficiency, Maintainability, Correctness and portability.

Software testing is a process of executing an application with the intent of finding mistake. The goal of tester is to find out as many errors from the application and make sure they get resolved or not. Program testing can be a very optimistic way to show the presence of errors, but it is hopelessly inadequate for showing their absence written by Dijkstra, 1972. Testing activities should be integrated throughout the software development life cycle. Testing of a phase must be made upon and checked against the results of the previous phase.

ITTrainer has pioneered in delivering state-of-the-art training through its Software Testing Crash Course. We provide comprehensive training programs inclusive of automation testing and manual testing that specifically caters to Software Testing career aspirants as well as working IT professionals. Moreover experts have designed the training course in such a way that freshers can select between part-time and full-time Software Testing Course options based on the time constraints of every individual.

Welcome to ITTrainer.guru!

ITTrainer is happy to have you as our new student, & we are glad that you have chosen us to better your career in software testing. We have been helping candidates like you to get Trained & Certified in software testing and be job ready at the earliest. Over time, we have gained a solid reputation of Quality training, Job readiness, efficiency, dedication and utmost professionalism. We are highly experienced in software testing area and We make sure that you get the best and most reliable service available.

We are going to schedule software testing batch( manual + advance) probably.
Course details:
Start : 19/02/2017
days: 10days
fee: £1000

We will help for CV preparation, mock up interviews, mentoring. its lifetime membership with us.

Get back to me to book an appointment with trainer for technical assistance over a phone.

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