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Students Protest against Tuition Fees


During a student protest march, there were brief scuffles in London, calling for the retention of maintenance grants and eradication of tuition fees.

Outside the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the “grants not debt” march came to a stop.

A minor number of protesters with scarves over their faces and dressed in black provoked police and a firework was set off.

“Free education”, the protestors were calling for.

“Outside BIS, a small number of eggs and smoke bombs were thrown at police “, a statement from the Metropolitan Police said.

There were 12 arrests for public order offences, they said.

With chants and placards through central London, thousands of students had marched, criticizing the cost of going to university.

John McDonnell, shadow chancellor addressed the students before the rally and Jeremy Corbyn, former Labour leader, sent a message of support for the cause of abolishing tuition fees.


Mr McDonnell said, “With increases to tuition fees, your generation has been betrayed by this government, cuts in education and in scrapping the education maintenance allowance “.

As he told marchers, “Education is not a commodity to be bought & sold, it is a gift from one generation to another”.

The students from campuses around the country took part in the demonstration said the National Campaign against Cuts and Fees.

Currently up to £9,000 per year in England, it wants to remove tuition fees, and to reverse a decision to convert means-tested maintenance grants into repayable loans.

‘More funding’

The campaign’s Callum Cant said, “The government is depriving the poorest students for negligible gains”.

“It is a spasm on the less fortunate students which haven’t saved much money and reasons misery.




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