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Twitter chucks favourites for new likes feature


Twitter has publicised users will no more be able to access the tweets favourite and also have swapped the yellow star icon with a pink heart.

On Tuesday, the social media giant set rolling the new feature and on the web based platform, it has already taken effect.

The new feature is called as likes, and is fashioned to make Twitter “more rewarding and easier to use”.

Twitter said in a statement: “Especially to newcomers, the star could be confusing at times, we know”.

“You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favourite.

“In comparison, the heart, is a universal symbol that resonates across cultures, languages, and time zones.

“The heart, being more expressive, enables you to easily connect with people and convey a range of emotions.

“And we found that people loved it, during our tests.”

Though, not all customers of the website were in love with the tiny pink heart.

The launch of the new like feature has put Twitter in line with Vine and Periscope, which already consents users to reward a heart to something they have liked.

Likes will be active in the Twitter mobile apps, Twitter and Tweetdeck for Windows 10 all over the week.

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