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AWS & DevOps Training


Course Overview

This course is designed to offer hands on experience to kick start your IT career as an professional or enhance your skills to increase your earning potential in areas such as Cloud computing, Automation, Software testing, Systems administration, Support analyst, DevOps engineer etc. On completion of this course participant will have sound knowledge about Modern cloud based Infrastructure and dependencies to build and support online services in cloud. Big organizations such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Media, Publishing, Financial institutions, E-commerce businesses, Government services etc. builds their digital products and services using tools and technologies you will be learning and mastering throughout this course.

We assume delegate’s have basic computer operator level knowledge.

The delegate will acquire essential knowledge which will help them to become a good :

  • Linux systems administrator/engineer.
  • Junior site reliability engineer.
  • Junior DevOps Engineer.
  • Junior Build and release Engineer.
  • Junior cloud engineer (AWS).

Note: Every delegate will need to bring their own laptop.


Some basic Theory session about web standards, API, web caching and high level information about Cloud Computing and Automation. (90 mins)

Data serialization formats: (YAML & JSON) (Theory + Practical ):
Important concepts about YAML and JSON (90 – 120 mins)
Go through different elements and structure.
Prepare sample YAML and JSON files with practical examples.

Course summary

SCM or VCS (Theory + Practical ):

Source control management) / Version Control System
What is SCM/VCS and why it is important ? (5 mins)
Download / Install Git (10 mins)
Configure local git preferences (10 mins)
Getting familiar with command line options/help (15 mins)
Create local repository and prepare files. (30 mins)
Git version, add, status, commit, log etc..
Create a FREE GitLab account (10 mins)
Private vs Public repository (15 mins)
Create a new project repository on GitLab (10 mins)
Concepts about Users,Groups and Permissions. (20 mins)
Cloning repository. (5 mins)
Commit new changes and raise new merge request. (15 mins)
Peer review pending merge requests and approvals. (10 mins)
Push new changes to GitLab (5 mins)
Advance concepts of branches and tags. (30 mins)
Differences GitLab vs GitHub (High level) (20 mins)

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Pipeline – Part 1
(Theory + Practical ):
What is CI / CD Pipeline. (10 mins)
Overview of Gitlab-CI feature. (20 mins)
Go through default .gitlab-ci.yml [YAML] configuration. (40 mins)
Prepare a simple pipeline and test it. (30 mins)

AWS (Amazon web services):

AWS (Amazon web services)- Part 1(Theory + Practical ):

What is Cloud computing and why it is popular (15 mins)
AWS Global Infrastructure (10 mins)
Overview of core AWS Services (30 mins)
Create FREE AWS account (10 mins)
Billing and account management (15 mins)
AWS organizations and consolidated billing (20 mins)
Different support levels (10 mins)
IAM (Identity and Access management) Overview (30 mins)
– Users, Roles and Policies (30 mins)
EC2 (Elastic compute cloud) (45 mins)
– Setup a webserver on EC2 instance (45 mins)
EBS (Elastic Block store) (30 mins)

AWS (Amazon web services) Part 2 (Theory + Practical ):

VPC (Virtual private cloud) (30 mins)
– Subnets, Security Groups, Access Control (30 mins)
S3 (Simple storage services) (30 mins)
Setup a static website on S3 bucket without webserver (20 mins)
ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) (45 mins)
– What is Load balancer and its importance
– Setup simple web server and configure with ELB
ALB (Application Load Balancer) & Target Groups (60 mins)
RDS (RDBMS Database service) (60 mins)

AWS CloudFormation (Theory + Practical ):

What is CloudFormation ? (15 mins)
AWS Cloudformation concepts ? (20 mins)
IAM + AWS Cloudformation (20 mins)
Details about Cloudformation templates. (30 mins)
Template References, Resource Attributes (20 mins)
Intrinsic Functions (20 mins)
YAML vs JSON Templates (20 mins)
Working with stacks through Console & AWS Cli (60 mins)
Preparing our first stack using cloudformation (30 mins)


  • Overview (Virtual box and Vagrant) (15 mins)
  • Why virtualization is necessary in modern world (15 mins)
  • Install Virtual box and additional dependency (30 mins)
  • Install Vagrant (15 mins)
  • Spinup 1st virtual Linux system (Centos/ubuntu). (15 mins)
  • Become familiar with vagrant command line. (30 mins)
  • Basic Linux system administration session (60 mins)
  • Prepare your first Vagrant configuration. (30 mins)

Docker (Theory + Practical ):

Virtual machines vs Containers (10 mins)
What is container? (10 mins)
Why Docker Containerization ? (10 mins)
Install Docker CE on virtual machine (20 mins)
Learn basic Docker operations (30 mins)
Build container from default images (30 mins)
Create docker image from running container (15 mins)
Write Docker File to build container image (30 mins)
Execute various command using docker exec (20 mins)
Build a custom web server image using nginx (20 mins)
Learn about docker networking (30 mins)
Docker Compose (60 mins)

Linux Systems – Deep Dive

Systems Architecture (20 mins)
Linux Installation – First time walk through (30 mins)
Package management (20 mins)
GNU and Unix commands (45 mins)
Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard(60 mins)
Shells, Scripting and Data Management (90 mins)
Administrative Tasks (90 mins)

Configuration Management systems Ansible) (Theory + Practical ):

What is configuration management systems ? (15 mins)
Importance of Configuration management system. (10 mins)
Declarative Language vs Procedural Language. (20 mins)
Install and configure ansible. (30 mins)
Ansibles playbooks. (45 mins)
Prepare a sample playbook and test it. (30 mins)
Ansible roles (30 mins)
Ansible Variables (30 mins)
Build VM using Vagrantfile and apply ansible playbook (30 mins)

Seat avaiable 15
Price £1,500.00

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