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Advance Digital Marketing Course


Course Overview

1. Digital Marketing overview – 3 Hours
➔ What is marketing?
➔ What is Digital Marketing?
➔ Understanding Marketing Process
➔ Why Digital Marketing wins over traditional Marketing?
➔ Understanding Digital Marketing Process
1. Blogging -15 Hours
➔ What is Blogging?
➔ Importance of Blogging
➔ How to plan your first Blog?
➔ How to select your niche?
➔ Free platform for Blogging How to create your first Blog?
➔ How to choose the best niche for Blog
➔ Difference between website and Blog
➔ How to monetize your blog?
➔ Influential Blogger
1. Search Engine Optimization – 24 Hours
➔ What is SEO?
➔ Introduction to SERP
➔ What are search engines?
➔ How search engines work
➔ Major functions of a search engine
➔ What are keywords?
➔ Different types of keywords
➔ Google keyword planner too
➔ Keywords research process
➔ Competitor analysis

★ What are primary keywords, secondary keywords and tertiary
★ Keywords optimization
★ Content optimization & planning
★ Understanding your audience for content planning
★ What is the difference between keywords stuffing & keyword
placement Internal linking
★ Meta tags creation
★ Creating Webpage in HTML
★ Using google webmasters tool & website verification
★ Sitemap creation & submission in website & webmasters
★ How to write an optimized content
★ How to write a content for article, blog and press release
➢ What is Domain Authority?
➢ How to increase Domain Authority
➢ What are backlinks?
➢ Types of backlinks
➢ What is link building?
➢ Types of link building
➢ Do’s and Don’ts of link building
➢ Link building strategies for your business
➢ Easy link acquisition techniques
➢ Directories submission
➢ Social media bookmarking

1. Social Media Marketing – 24 Hours
➔ What is Social Media?
➔ Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology
➔ How social media marketing is different than others
➔ Forms of Internet marketing
◆ Facebook marketing Understanding
◆ Creating Facebook page
◆ Understanding difference between page and account
◆ Posting on facebook and instagram using meta
◆ Understanding campaign creation using meta
◆ Analysis and Cost calculator using meta
◆ Understanding of facebook jobs and marketplace
◆ Practical session for creating advertisement using Facebook
● What is LinkedIn?
● Understanding LinkedIn Company profile vs Individual
● Understanding Linkedin groups
● How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
● Linkedin advertising & it’s best practices
● Increasing ROI from LinkedIn ads
● Linkedin publishing
● Company pages Adv on linkedIn Display vs text
○ Understanding of Instagram
○ Instagram hashtag uses
○ Insights and promotion on instagram
○ Reels Promotion
○ Story promotions increasing visibility using stories
◆ Basic understanding of twitter and youtube
◆ Youtube video promotion
◆ Youtube channel management
◆ Paid promotion using youtube

1. PPC Advertising Google AdWords – 26 Hours
➔ PPC Advertising Google AdWords
➔ Understanding Adwords Algorithm
➔ Creating Search Campaigns
➔ Understanding different types of bid strategy
➔ Understanding keywords
➔ Advanced level bid strategies Enhanced
➔ Creating ads Understanding
➔ Campaigns for mobile app promotion
➔ Creating Display Campaign
➔ Local store promotion campaign
➔ Video promotion campaign
➔ Google Analytics
1. Email Marketing – 16 hours
➔ What is email marketing?
➔ How does email work?
➔ Challenges faced in sending bulk emails
➔ How to overcome these challenges?
➔ Types of email marketing- Opt-in & bulk emailing
➔ What is opt-in email marketing?
➔ Setting up email marketing account
➔ Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing
➔ Setting up lists & web form Creating a broadcast email
➔ What are autoresponders?
➔ Setting up autoresponders
➔ How to do bulk emailing?
➔ Best practices to send bulk emails
➔ Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder
➔ Top email marketing software & a glimpse of how to use them
➔ Improving ROI with A/B testing

1. Content Marketing – 12 hours
➔ What is Content Marketing?
➔ Introduction to content marketing
➔ Objective of content marketing
➔ Content marketing 7 step strategy building process 18 types of content
with examples
➔ How to write great compelling content
➔ Keyword research for content ideas
➔ Optimizing content for search engines
➔ Discussing authority blog
➔ Steps towards developing authority blog
➔ Ways to monetize authority blogs
➔ How to market your content?
➔ How to increase second customer
➔ Understanding online influencers
➔ unique ways to write magnetic headline

Duration 34.42 Hours
Seat avaiable 15

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