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DevOps Professional + AWS Cloud Engineer


Course Overview

Module 1 – Introduction to DevOps Methodology

What is DevOps?
Prerequisist before working in DevOps culture
Day to day roles and responsibilites as DevOps engineer

Module 2 – Git – Source code Management

What is SCM? What is GIT? Introduction
Why we required GIT?
What is repositories in GIT? Types of repositories
working with Git branches – git branch merging, multiple branches merging
How to work with remote git repositories? Pushing code to remote repo, cloning, pull request etcf. Pop ups handling
resolving merge conflicts & forking repost
Rebaseing of repo branches
Resetting & Reverting – Stashing of branches
working with live scenario

Module 3 – Linux CLI + Docker

Containarization Introduction + concepts
Installation of Docker on Ubuntu-20.04 VM / EC2
Start new Docker container
Lifecycle and Container management
What is Docker Image? How it works? How to create new Docker file?
Introduction to hub.docker.com
Docker Networking concepts
Data storage with docker container – volume mounting & troubleshooting
Docker compose

Module 4 – Kubernets – Container orchestration

Introduction and Overview of K8s
Setup K8s on Ubuntu-20.04 VM (In AWS – Out of Free tier EC2 instance type require)
Kubernetes Objects ( Pod, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services, Labels and Selectors)
Log analysis

Module 5. Jenkins – What is CI & CD?

Introduction to Jenkins
Installation of Jenkins on VM / EC2
What is Continious Integration? CI
What is Continious Deployment? CD
How to create new CI Pipeline with Jenkins? Freestyle
Gitlab Integration with Jenkins
Hands on CI / CD with Jenkins jobs
Difference between scripted jobs Vs decorative
Automating pipelines

Module 6 – Infrastructure As a Code (IaC) with Terraform

What is Iac?
Introduction to Hashicorp company
What is Terraform?
Installation of Terraform on VM
Basics of Terraform – What is Template in Terraform?
Working and Managing Terraform State
Deploy first resource in AWS Cloud with Terraform template
Storing TF state in S3 (Remote location)
Updating Terraform existing Templates
Modules and Functions in Terraform – How to create and use?
Troubleshooting of TF templates and environment

7. Hands on lab exercise of CI/CD Pipeline

Live Troubleshooting scenarios within AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Duration 34.42 Hours
Seat avaiable 15

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