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Getting the foot in the door is very important when it comes to finding your first professional job. We are offering all our training courses with an intention to bridge the gap between your knowledge and desired knowledge and experience. At the best of times, finding a good graduate job is tough – with so many people going to university, competition for places is larger than ever before. But there is a way to give yourself an edge over others, to gain valuable work experience and to give yourself the best chance of securing a job, and that’s by doing an Internship. Please note – most of the programmers require you to be studying at a UK university and be eligible to work in the UK, as well as having an outstanding academic record.

Things are better than ever for people interested in working with computers: as technology moves to be more advanced, more people are desired to work in the field of information technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says for IT, “Employment is anticipated to grow much faster than the average, and placement prospects should be outstanding.” So when you want to get into the rapidly-expanding industry, then look into IT internships.
An internship usually takes the form of a vacation work placement – commonly between 4-10 weeks during the summer. You have the benefit of gaining an insight into how the company works and if you make a good impression, you stand a high chance of being offered a graduate placement.