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Benefits of ISTQB Software Testing Certification

Are you looking for an IT job in the software testing area? Whether you are considering a career change from an IT job to a software testing job or an experienced software tester, ISTQB certification can give you a competitive edge and true software testing job career path.

IT certifications and QA has long been a preferred tool of professionals looking for IT and QA jobs. According to a CIO.com survey of 700 IT job experts, most say certifications have led to promotions and better jobs.

In the occupation of software testing, ISTQB Certification is the most popular and fastest growing in the world. Software testers select ISTQB certification for their testing jobs for so many reasons:

It makes you more competitive

If there were candidates with equal education for a software testing or QA job in your company, and only one had ISTQB software testing certification, which candidate would you rather be?

It gives you a career path to get the software testing or QA job you deserve

It is the world’s most popular software testing certification; ISTQB is recognized in nearly 70 countries, making you ready for software testing jobs throughout the world. Gradually you will get success in the software testing field, and software testing is ready with Advanced Level and Expert Level certifications that will give you the recognition you deserve and open the door to more advanced tester jobs.

It could reduce your costs

You and your company may now be able to qualify for lower tech insurance costs because of your ISTQB Software Tester Certification. Insurance Company -Hiscox is now qualifying technology insurance applicants on whether they are ISTQB Certified or their software testers. It’s good news for you, and the companies that offering you for their software testing jobs.

It opens doors for software testing jobs

Analysis for the keyword search like “ISTQB” on well-known IT job websites often result in lots of job postings that indicate ISTQB software testing certification is a beneficiary or a required skill.

It gives you the flexibility to choose the education that fits your testing job

We give away the certification course that includes the software testing exam topics, and let you choose the education. Select a testing course from an ISTQB-accredited trainer, or self-study using software testing books and websites – it’s depends on you. In extra, the ISTQB Foundation Level software testing certification doesn’t ever require recertification.

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