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Importance of Devops certification

One thing that everyone in the IT industry is taking about is getting a DevOps certification in London. It is just that one extra thing that you will be needing to climb up the ladder and take your IT career to the next level. So what really makes it so special that almost everyone is [...]

Tips To Improve Coding Skills

Knowing software codes are one of the prominent skills than any person who wishes to work in software arena should know. These codes use programming and other computer language which is the basic structure of every software programs that run on a computer. Altering these codes can make a software function in the desired way. [...]

Interview tips to help you prepare

Upon Arrival... Make sure you know who you need to ask for The interviewer may be nervous too! Have some questions prepared to help you relax. You may have to walk to the interview room– perhaps someone else will pick you up to take you to the interviewer? • Talk while you walk – it’s [...]

Ten Steps To The Perfect Interview

1 Practice: There’s no substitute for actually rehearsing your answers to interview questions. Look up commonly asked questions, but also think about questions specific to the role. 2 Dress for success: Avoid anything tight or uncomfortable and play it safe by dressing slightly smarter than the dress code. So if they say they dress ‘casual’, [...]

Interview Preparation

If you get nervous in interviews you are not alone. But like it or not, job interviews are the primary method by which both employers and candidates judge each other. For employers, the objective of the interview is to qualify candidates. For candidates the goal is to receive offers. It’s important you make the right [...]

Successful Telephone Interviews

Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews   Practice phone manners. Brush up on your phone manners. Answer by saying "Hello," not "Yeah," or by  just barking your name into the receiver. Prepare beforehand for a quiet atmosphere with no background noise and distractions. Speak clearly. Hone your speaking skills and be aware of your vocal patterns. [...]

Software Testing – Interview Questions

Tell me something about yourself? how to Introduce As you Know I am XXXX XXXXX, I am ISTQB Certified, I have 2 years of Experience working as a Tester, I have worked on two end to end Software development life cycle (SDLC) where my responsibilities were to identify test scenarios, write Test Cases for Test [...]

Benefits of ISTQB Software Testing Certification

Are you looking for an IT job in the software testing area? Whether you are considering a career change from an IT job to a software testing job or an experienced software tester, ISTQB certification can give you a competitive edge and true software testing job career path. IT certifications and QA has long been a preferred [...]