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Getting a job by ASP.Net Training

The .Net framework has developed ASP.Net as a part. Microsoft’s ASP.Net, is a commonly used and acknowledged programming language in the IT industry. Each IT company wishes to stand out from the crowd, and a score above others. ASP.Net framework assistance for producing tremendously multipurpose and adaptable applications for websites, just the way they want. [...]

Benefits Of Software Training

Software Training Software tools are often seen as solutions. Companies hire experts to solve an enterprise-wide problem, while individual users install mobile application software to perform a specific task. There’s no doubt software is a transformative technology. Whether you’re a manager looking to enhance the performance of your small team of experts or a tech-savvy [...]

Types of Software Testing: Black-box & White-box Testing

White-box Testing In software testing field, there are so many methods are used to create bug-free code. You’ve heard of white-box testing and black-box testing—so in this article, let see what are these types of testing used for, and how are they different? If a tester is aware with the implementation, design, and structural aspects of [...]

Major duties of SAP Functional Consultant

Every aspirant who is seeing SAP consultant as career has an anxiety about responsibility of SAP Functional Consultant. Duties of SAP Functional Consultant will vary based the Project like SAP Implementation, SAP post implementation/Support, Upgrade and Roll out etc. First of all we shall understand about SAP Implementation and its five steps of ASAP methodology: [...]

Top 8 CRM Trends & Predictions

1. Old Guard Losing Ground Once upon a time, Siebel was the big name in CRM. Oracle purchased the company, and less than a decade ago, it was one among the dominant forces in CRM along with the likes of IBM and SAP. Yet now, these companies account for less than 20% of overall market [...]

Salesforce opening office in Microsoft’s and Amazon’s backyards

Salesforce declared that it plans to open an engineering and innovation hub in the Seattle area, greatly growing its presence there. Company co-founder Parker Harris says the office, which is situated in the Nine Two Nine Office Tower in Bellevue, will be dedicated to supporting the company’s artificial intelligence initiative. Harris specified that the Bellevue office, which currently has 250 employees, [...]

Software Testing Crash Courses

Software systems are becoming more interesting now a day. Software, it is very important to focus on quality of product. Any software or website should possess quality attributes such as User Friendly, Efficiency, Maintainability, Correctness and portability. Software testing is a process of executing an application with the intent of finding mistake. The goal of [...]

Top 5 Advantages of Salesforce

There are many reasons for selecting Salesforce and below we will share the top 5 benefits of Salesforce and why you should choose it as your CRM of choice. 1. Managing Territories: This is one of the foundational functions of Salesforce. When you have a team of sales people, how do you manage which areas [...]